We are GRÜV. We l<3ve music. We are a small - but growing - team of technologists, artists, fans, music professionals, crypto-architects, and legal professionals. We are passionately building the music markets and tools of tomorrow.

half circle iconWho are we?

Grüv's mission is to empower musical creatives, promote autonomy, involve fans in the success of their favorite artists (and labels), and reward all involved parties.
We believe the that the solutions to many of the music industry's problems (for artists *and* fans) lie at the intersection of decentralized technologies, artist-centric tools and software, and user-centric services. Our platform aims to solve these problems. Our vision is focused on independent artists, independent labels, and the fans who love them.


Members curate, share, and monetize, playlists comprised of disparate sources (YouTube/Spotify/SoundCloud). Curators expose self-published/unknown artists in a single place and get paid for honest curation efforts, while abstracting the experience of organizing their favorite music into a single interface. The value to listeners is convenience and quality, while the value to artists is focused audience engagement and increased streaming revenues.

half circle iconOur Team

Armen Rostamian

Founder, Chief Executive and Technology Officer

Armen brings over 10 years of industry experience as an engineer and technical leader. He serves as CEO, in addition to being the techincal architect and Tokenomics geek at Grüv.

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Armand Yerjanian

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Armand brings years of knowledge and experience in Economics, Securities, and Finance. He serves as the business strategist and Operations leader for Grüv.

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Daniel Rossi

Co-Founder, Chief Strategic Officer

Daniel brings years of legal experience in the music & entertainment industry, along with a deep knowledge and passion for independent/underground music, artists, and events.

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Aren Rostamian

Co-Founder, Founding Engineer

Aren brings years of experience in software, systems, and engineering. He has built & scaled high-security, mission-critical infrastructure, and serves Grüv as its engineering wizard.

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Joey Khodanian AKA JayKode

Technical & Creative Advisor, Artist in Residence

Joey is an established industry veteran, having released a catalog of work spanning multiple labels. He brings hands-on experience as a producer, performer, DJ, songwriter, and music entrepreneur. He advises on product, design, and strategy.

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Jack Sahagian

General Counsel, Entrepreneurial Advisory

Jack serves as a key advisor, a corporate and securities law expert, and in-house General Counsel.

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Anthony Horgan

General Counsel, Entrepreneurial Advisory

Anthony serves as a key advisor, a corporate and securities law expert, and in-house General Counsel.

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